350 ‘Amazing People’ Benefit from Curricula at OE!

hMarie Kubina, Curriculum Director, Opportunity Enterprises, Valparaiso, tells a riveting story of the ordinary goodness of life involving the amazing people that she and her team serve. She once watched the wonder on the faces of adults who listened to their heart beat for the first time using a stethoscope. It was a reminder of the power of learning! This took place during the first of a series of cutting edge curricula she had launched to replace the sheltered workshop approach. Marie has been on a mission to replace this standard model with a new curricula that provided purpose, excitement, social interaction, and learning fun. The program was called “Enriching Possibilities” and it offered a structured approach. Inducted into The Society of Innovators, this trained educator re-invented OE’s approach with a variety of robust curricula that serve adult clients, all without state funding.  In fact, she and her five-member team implemented their fifth program entitled Trend starting this May that puts clients through activities, ranging from cooking to exercise to computers to the arts. Other clients benefit from “Daily Living Skills,” “Renewed Horizons,” and “Quest.” Today, about 350 clients are served by this curricula based upon their level of functioning.  “As hard as innovation is, it’s inspiring to keep at it and do something that nobody else has done,” Marie said.

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