Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

The Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center encourages, inspires and motivates students and the community to dream about the possibilities and invest in learning.

ombutcheeI want to welcome you to the website for the Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center.

The Center was established in 2005. As we enter into our ninth year, we are preparing to celebrate 10 years of creativity and innovation – our 2014 Anniversary.

O’Merrial Butchee, Director
Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Center

Our Vision:

The Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center is to become the gateway for creators, innovators and entrepreneurs to encourage lifelong learning, lifelong innovation, and lifelong leadership.

Here are some important facts about the Lamkin I & E Center:

  • The Gerald I. Lamkin Center is the only comprehensive I & E Center within Ivy Tech Community College System, and the only Center that discovers and celebrates innovators and innovation through The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana serving our 7-county region.
  • The Center has developed new methods and approaches to identify, inspire and communicate the importance of innovation as the “lifeblood of an organization, community and region.”
  • The Center encourages innovation everywhere toward building a culture of innovation to make us know as a region that celebrates creativity and innovation in the world!
  • The Center promotes success in college and beyond by encouraging students as well as staff, faculty and the community to ‘think differently’ in a global economy by embracing the twin pillars of creativity and innovation.
  • The Center helps position Ivy Tech NW as a pioneer in Indiana and likely the U.S. by being the first community college to launch a Society of Innovators that promotes creative and innovative thinking as an economic and growth strategy across our entire region.