APL Adjunct Professor Link Matches Faculty with Classrooms

Kathleen Gibson

Recognizing a need to match a first rate faculty with colleges and universities, Kathleen Gibson launched the first digital platform for recruiting, managing, “on-boarding” and certifying adjunct and full-time faculty. “My passion is to match the most accomplished faculty with universities and colleges so that students receive the very best education possible,” Gibson said, who was in higher education for 14 years at Valparaiso University. Named Adjunct Professor Link or APL, this start-up with 13 employees, has enjoyed resounding success since launched nine months ago, and is now used by 22 colleges and universities in 17 states, ranging in size from 200,000 to 2,000 students. Although 70% of college and university courses are taught by adjunct professors, there was no digital platform to connect experts with department chairs and program directors who hire them as adjunct faculty. Gibson saw the opportunity to introduce a digital solution in an industry where colleges and universities typically place advertisements to seek candidates. Now using www.aprof.link, participating institutions have a faster, better and even less expensive approach to finding faculty, Gibson said. APL allows experts and educators to post free profiles to market themselves with “education-specific search criteria.” APL staff then review the profiles and match them to client colleges and universities. Department chairs and program directors only pay for profiles that meet their education–specific search criteria. “APL gives higher education a consistent, efficient and cost-effective solution to find great faculty,” Gibson said

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