Artspace Lofts Is Symbol of Michigan City ‘Comeback!’

aFrom a symbolic broken dental chair in the middle of an empty room trashed by three decades of disuse, to a re-invented 7-story historic building highlighted with shimmering LED lights now home to painters, poets and other makers, Michigan City Controller Richard Murphy gave students a front row seat to history on how a rustbelt community can re-energize itself at the Pejic Campus Michigan City.  Murphy was this year’s speaker in the “signature” I & E Chats sponsored by the Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center for Excellence. He spoke to students that included the marketing class of Instructor Jack Schoenfelder and was introduced by Campus President Peter Linden. Murphy is a sort of Champion in Chief of volunteers who helped mobilize an epic campaign to save the deteriorating l908 Warren Building, and give it a whole new “life” as the first project in Indiana sponsored by Artspace that anchors the Uptown Arts District. Artspace is the leader in providing affordable live/work spaces for artists with similar projects across the nation and Europe. “If we can save a beloved building that deteriorated over three decades and make it a symbol for our city’s comeback, we can do anything,” he told students. A Chicagoan who visited and fell in love with Michigan City, Murphy made the decision to be part of restoring the city to greatness and won his first election in 2007 as a Council Member.

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