Bill Pauley ‘Engineers’ Solution to Save Lives through GPS!

Bill PauleyA fatal heart attack of a runner on a trail at the Indiana Dunes State Park inspired 80-year old Bill Pauley, a retired U.S. Steel Gary Works engineer, to find a high tech solution that will save lives. Motivated by the difficulty that emergency personnel encountered in locating the victim in a wooded area, Pauley launched a signage solution utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) technology in cooperation with Porter County’s 911 system. This began January, 2012 when a runner suffered a heart attack and an emergency crew had difficulty finding him on the trail. “In this case, this runner died instantly so a time delay was not a factor, but it could have been,” said Pauley, a Union Township resident and a top Triathlon runner. Motivated to save other lives, he met with park and county officials to utilize GPS at the park. A few months later, he was running outside of Tampa, FL and came across signage that urged people to call 911 in case of an emergency. It utilized a GPS system in which numbers were assigned to each sign linked by satellite to a location so that emergency crews could easily locate victims. This helped him solidify his plans back home. Once signage was established at the state park, he made a presentation to the Porter County Commissioners. Funded with a $10,000 grant, he worked for almost a year with park personnel in donating his time to establish GPS signage in every county and city park. Also, this was expanded to South Shore stations between South Bend and Chicago.

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