Binwacker Inventor Launched Birky Family Farms Country Gourmet

Chris Birky PhotoFrustrated while sitting on a bucket tapping a bin with a mallet, Kouts producer and entrepreneur Chris Birky had a breakthrough idea to deliver feed continuously from the bin to pigs. In the late l990’s, he invented and patented an “automatic mallet” that taps the bin every two seconds with a spring-loaded device. Now labeled the Binwacker Bulk Bin Agitation System, this was recognized as one of the top farm products in the industry for maintaining the “flowability” of feed to a feed bin. The system is assembled at Birky Family Farms. But the Binwacker is only part of the entrepreneurial success of this college graduate who majored in business and economics, and is an ordained minister. In addition to farming 1300 acres with his brother Greg, he also founded Birky Family Farms Country Gourmet. This employs from 20 to 50 people, depending upon the season, in various business units consisting of catering, concessions; a bakery and country market; two restaurants; and a food service business in Kouts and surrounding communities. He also created and sells BBQ sauces and similar products in six Whole Foods stores in Chicago and Indianapolis. He attributes his success to his faith, wife Melissa, four children, and community. “We sell hope through service and food,” he added. He was inducted as an individual Member into The Society of Innovators.

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