Boosting Donor Acquisition for Nonprofits

Donors are what keep nonprofits alive. Without the funds organizations receive through donations, the nonprofits would be unable to carry out their missions in the community. As a nonprofit, it is not only vitally important to retain the donors that you have, but to also work to acquire new donors. This can be accomplished through a variety of techniques.

1. Go Mobile

Ensuring that your website and, more importantly, your donation form is optimized for mobile devices is one of the best things you can do for your nonprofit. Each year, the number of transactions performed on mobile devices increases. You want your organization to be easily accessible to these people.

2. Get People’s Attention

Once you get people to visit your website, you want to direct them to your donation page or button. This can be done by posting the ask right on the landing page so it is the first thing visitors see. You should also ensure that the color of your donation button stands out from the rest of the page.

3. Brand your Donation Page

By keeping your branding consistent across all of your organization’s pages and channels, including the donation page, you are telling prospective donors, in no uncertain terms, where their money is going. This can help to make them feel more comfortable with putting their credit card information on the internet.

4. Use Imagery

Including compelling imagery across your website and donation page can help to show people where their money is going. People like to see what cause they are helping, and plenty of photos and other images can do that for them.

5. Simplify

While you may have several navigation tools on other parts of your site, the donation page should be simple and to the point. Make it easy for your donors to give to your organization. Don’t distract them with unnecessary additives.

6. Use Giving Levels

If people are shown a variety of giving levels to choose from on a donation form, they are more inclined to select one of the predetermined options, which are usually higher amounts than those they would enter on their own. You can include a blank for donors to choose another amount, but list it after all of the giving levels.

7. Offer the Option of Monthly Giving

Make it easy for donors to opt in for a monthly gift to your organization. This will provide you with a more long-term funding source and help you to create a relationship with that donor.

8. Make it Easy to Stay in Touch

When creating your donation form, build in the option for people to sign up to receive your email newsletter. This is the best time to capture this information from donors so that you can stay in touch.

9. Incorporate Social Proof

Find a way to show your donors that others have come before them to support your cause. This makes your organization appear more reputable and shows that your cause is worthy of their contribution. You can demonstrate social proof by including a measure of how much has been raised so far onto your donation page. You can also include written or visual testimonials from willing donors.

10. Secure Donor Information

Some people can still be a little nervous when it comes to conducting transactions online. One way to put your donors’ minds at ease is to include the logos of the security software your organization uses on the donation form. This way, your donors can feel more secure submitting their bank information on your site.

11. Offer Branded Gifts

If your organization is able, one way to keep your donors happy is to offer them a gift for their donation. The gift should be in line with your supporters’ interests and should definitely be branded. This will ensure that your donors are thinking of your organization every time they use their gift.

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