Carl & Lorrie Lisek, South Shore Clean Cities, 2013- 2014 Team Member



Building on national recognition for displacing petroleum with alternative fuels, South Shore Clean Cities (SSCC) champions a plethora of partnerships to build a green economy across Northern Indiana, said Carl Lisek, executive director, SSCC. “Our region continues to be a leader in displacing petroleum by using alternative fuels from biodiesel to electric, from natural gas to hybrids,” he said. Several years ago, the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Clean Cities gave SSCC top awards that included best overall improvement in petroleum savings and the greatest increase in biodiesel fuel use.  “Our huge steel industry is a major contributor to utilizing biodiesel blended with soybeans,” Lisek said. In fact, U.S. Steel Gary Works’ use of biodiesel was adopted globally.  Also announced in February at the SSCC’s annual meeting was NIPSCO’s plans to add up to 250 electric vehicle charging stations at public locations to encourage electric vehicles. Earlier this company announced a home charging station program in which over 100 residential customers have already signed up encouraged by incentives. SSCC administers both programs. Also, the City of Hobart showcased a new garbage truck fueled by natural gas, another project of SSCC. Perhaps the best national example of a major fleet embracing natural gas is Ozinga, which has 500 mixers and support vehicles, and a public fueling station in Gary.  SSCC is a project of Legacy Environmental Services led by Carl and Lorrie Lisek, president.

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