CCSJ’s Sandra Chimon-Rogers ‘Rocketizes’ Student Performance

bA group of Calumet College of St. Joseph’s students are members of an elite NASA Team preparing for their experiment to be launched later this summer on the International Space Station. Under the direction of Dr. Sandra Chimon-Rogers, this project started in June of 2015, and has involved hundreds of hours of preparation for an experiment involving Rogers’s speciality: Alzheimer’s research. This breakthrough project is part of “Sandra’s world,” whose innovative approach to teaching has “rocketized” her students to even outperform students from elite schools. This experiment also includes a student designed and built micro-fluorescence spectrometer the size of a shoebox, Rogers said. This project is both to determine if an anti-gravity setting is a “preventative” for the disease; and to build an economical miniature spectrometer as a potential new tool for science that is affordable for K-12 schools. This new Fellow recently spoke at the TedX County Line Road event on April 20th, focusing on new and different ways to teach science. “Rather than do traditional lectures,” she said, “I demonstrate everyday applications and go from there to more impactful studies.” Her students continue to perform at high levels, and this spring marks her first graduating class, with most getting into graduate school to pursue science. “We have some great students at CCSJ!”

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