Chris Mahlmann, CEO & Founder, IDEAS in Motion Media, 2013-2014 Member

Chris Mahlmann who ran a successful market information business serving traders in Chicago and around the world, launched a unique business model here and perhaps elsewhere based upon “good news.”  Chris launched an online media company in Valparaiso called “IDEAS in motion media” focusing on positive news.  Chris explained, “I am not suggesting that people aren’t interested in bad news, but they are also interested in good news.”


Recognizing that non-profits are doing a world of good, and often have difficulty telling their stories, he used technology to expand their reach exponentially through online communities. Five years ago, he launched a website called ValpoLife.  PortageLife followed in 2010; LaPorteCountyLife in 2012, and NWIndianaLife in 2013. SouthBendLife will launch this September.


He has also launched an annual awards recognition program called ‘The Good Life Awards.”  Already, the company has published more than 35,000 articles, 650 videos, 225,000 photos and content from 2600 contributors. Nonprofits have free access and businesses are advertising partners. Once called a “goofy” idea, he started the firm over his garage with three employees, and now has 30! “The innovation is building a business model around good news,” he added. Utilizing the website and other social media outlets like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, thousands are now introduced to “stories for good” each week.


Chris was nominated by Bert Cook, Jon Groth and Gus Olympidis.

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