CMEC Has Dual Mission at Purdue University NW!

20160914_093632The Commercialization and Manufacturing Excellence Center (CMEC) at Purdue University NW has a dual mission to commercialize new innovations and to train workers and start-up entrepreneurs in automated manufacturing processes and troubleshooting.  CMEC’s Concept to Commercialization (C2C-2020) program provides an entrepreneur-in-residence co-working space and mentoring.  It addresses prototype development, patenting assistance, explores seed funding opportunities like the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, and will provide temporary space for scaled, proof-of-concept manufacturing analysis. C2C-2020 thereby creates and nurturers a culture of business development, especially for start-ups manufacturers.  This has strong support from a broad variety of public and private stakeholders; and, has partnerships with diverse organizations that support a regionally specific, manufacturing incubator.  Such a resource will allow participating entrepreneurs to grow, scale, and diversify the manufacturing base and economy of the region.  Current data shows that for each new job created for manufacturing, 3.4 additional jobs are created in both the upstream and downstream supply chains.  Shown above is CMEC Executive Director Mont Handley (right) with Fair Oaks Farm Fresh Delivery Entrepreneur Troy McCloskey.

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