Community Civility Counts is Impacting NWI & Beyond!

Head ShotThink of one word that if embraced universally, could potentially change today’s national conversation! Tall order? Maybe, but not to Chuck Hughes of the Gary Chamber of Commerce and Bob Heisse of the Times Media Company. The word: CIVILITY! If reduced to a formula, it might read: The innovation: civil behavior = collaboration! Yes, this innovation has a formal name: Community Civility Counts! Its birth is a matter of record. At a Public Policy Meeting of the Gary Chamber, Dr. Gordon Bradshaw, chair, was looking for a new challenge. Executive Director Hughes suggested what he thought was maybe an unusual project, but one that could potentially strike a chord: simply, positive civil discourse. This was long before the nation took on a partisan tone, but Chuck believed it relevant for NWI. Why? Chuck saw it rooted in the Golden Rule, and without it, collaboration, whatever the project, business or otherwise, was impossible. Out of this committee’s discussions, came the name. The ascendancy of Community Civility Counts has been nothing short of transformative. To lift awareness of the chamber project, Chuck then called Times Publisher Chris White, and Chris pledged support.  Editor Heisse and his team lent their talent and expertise. Today, this project has been embraced across borders! Now plans are underway for the 3rd World Civility Day on April 12, 2018! Congratulations to this amazing team!

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