Content Marketing for Nonprofits

Content marketing is providing your donors, followers, and supporters with the information they want or need. This is most often done on a digital platform and is important because it keeps your followers coming back to your web page, which ensures you are top of mind when it comes to their support or donations. But how does a nonprofit effectively market content to supporters in a way that will keep them engaged? Check out these tips.


Have a Content Platform

It is important that your organization utilize a content management platform, like WordPress, for ease of publishing pre-scheduled content. This means that you can save posts to be scheduled at a later time, allowing for better time management.


Create Regular Content

Now you can write blog or social posts that discuss what your target audience wants to read. You can ask yourself what supporters of your organization or industry might be interested in, what news will affect them, etc.


Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that will be relevant to your audience year-round. This will help to fill your content calendar during times of less regular, relevant content.


Incorporate Hooks to Grow Your Audience

Use your content to offer your audience something that they might want in exchange for their contact information. For example, tell them that they can receive news on fundraising events or volunteer opportunities by submitting their email address. You can then create a database of contact information to use when soliciting volunteers, donors, etc.


Content Distribution

Now that you have created the content, you can distribute it using SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization). Platforms like Social Report and Hootsuite allow you to schedule your content to appear on your organization’s social media channels ahead of time, which, again, is great for time management.


Measure Content Effectiveness

It is ineffective to continue putting out content about your organization without knowing if your audience is actually engaging with it. This is where analytics platforms like Google Analytics come into play. You can analyze the effectiveness of various types of content and adjust your strategy accordingly.


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Content Marketing for Nonprofits

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