Coordinating Volunteer Efforts in Nonprofits

Volunteers help to keep nonprofit organizations running. However, it is the staff that coordinates the volunteer workers that really help to bridge the gap and meet the needs of the organization. The following strategies will help those coordinating volunteer efforts to run things smoothly and still keep the organization and the volunteers happy.

  • Have Flexibility, but Set Boundaries
    • It is important to understand that volunteers are people and may need some flexibility in their scheduling. However, for the sake of the organization, coordinators must limit no-shows and address poor attendance habits. Be open with your volunteers about the importance of certain events and the attendance expectations.
  • Create a Rewards Program
    • Give volunteers an incentive to sign up for events by awarding points for the amount of hours they put in. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, enticing volunteers to participate and making the work more fun.
  • Organization in Key
  • Create Trust with Volunteers
    • You can create a level of trust between volunteers and the organization by demonstrating that they organization is committed to the stated goal. The volunteers have chosen to work with you because they agree with the mission of the nonprofit. Show them that they made the right choice.

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