Current Events: Groups of Positive Change in NWI

In the April 5 issue of The Times, Tim Stoner wrote an opinion piece regarding Northwest Indiana groups that are acting as agents of positive change during politically tumultuous times. The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana was honored to be mentioned in prestigious company.


The article acknowledges that positive change is difficult because it is uncomfortable. It requires us to go the extra mile and step out into uncertainty. However, the rewards of taking that leap far outweigh the risks.


Many in our country are on edge. This sentiment has not escaped Northwest Indiana. We are living in a time when trust is difficult to give out, particularly when we don’t know much about the party we are having to trust. But the piece argues that it is vital to face this fear and not to let it win.


In addition to the Society of Innovators, the article mentioned the South Shore Leadership Center, the Northwest Indiana Forum, and One Region. All of these organizations take steps to unite people; to develop collaborations on new, and sometimes scary, projects.


What was addressed in this article is something that the Society of Innovators strives to accomplish every day. Not only is it our mission to unearth and honor those ideas that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, but we also hope to connect the people of the region in the process. This is done through the distribution of special awards for team innovation and the hosting of various events throughout the year that bring us all together.


Toward the end of the article, the author implores the readers to invest in the future of Northwest Indiana by doing something a little uncomfortable and supporting these works for positive change. The Society would like to echo this call to action. To get ideas for how to get involved, learn more about the different Society of Innovators Members and events at



Photo taken from Northwest Indiana Forum Facebook page.

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