Did You Know? (July 2014)

  • Member Cal Bellamy shared the Crossroads New Venture Competition presented by Krieg DeVault, with $60,000 in prizes. Go to www/biocrossroads.com.


  • Moving Day was July 7th for Member Jon Groth and his amazing team to move the old Grand Trunk Railway station further down the tracks to the Porter County Career & Tech Center property.


  • Member John Hodson, Kankakee Valley Historical Society, helped lead the University of Notre Dame’s Summer Scholar program to discover more artifacts at the Collier Lodge Site, Kouts.


  • Non-physicians and non-med students were among attendees at Fellow’s Ernie Talarico, Ph.D. Annual International Cadaver Prosection Program to prepare “first patients” for medical students this fall at the IU Medical School on the IUN Campus

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