Dyer Skateboarder Uses Social Media to Sell Products Globally

Kyle Ayling

Skateboarder entrepreneur Kyle Ayling of Dyer just may be the Johnny Appleseed of planting a positive image of skateboarders globally with his “Skate Happy” imagery. Even as he prepares a new summer lineup of his Cloud 9 apparel and griptape – the tape skaters use to maintain their footing – this 25-year-old innovator is marketing more than a “super grippy” product. He inspires customers by sharing the origins of Cloud 9. “Our company’s name stems from the Katy Perry song, ‘Wide Awake.’ She wrote the lyrics: ‘Yeah, I’m falling from Cloud Nine.’ Those words stayed with me. Somewhere in that moment, I realized I needed my own definition of happiness instead of comparing myself to someone else.” He shared how the lyrics of Cloud 9 inspired him to pursue his dream. While moving beyond selling products out of his car, he is using social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to sell his Cloud 9 brand globally. His mission: Make a positive difference in the lives of customers by…”showcasing uniquely handcrafted products.” Borrowing tips from Apple and Nike, Ayling recognizes the importance of emphasizing how his products offers less wear and tear on shoes. His idea came from the discovery that conventional griptape was causing skateboarders to go through shoes almost monthly. Meanwhile, he is planning a co-branding strategy with skateboarding shops to place their logos on his griptape and build their business while selling his brand. For details, click on www.cloud9griptape.com.

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