Dyer Visionary Influences Global Fitness & Gymnastics Industry!

hA visionary who helped shape today’s $80 billion fitness and gymnastics field, Patti Komara has grown her $2 million business while benefiting her industry by modeling best practices. Starting her practice as a junior in high school in a church with 36 students, she now has 1500 students schooled at Patti’s All-American Gymnastics in Dyer, along with 600 students every summer, with 43 employees. Today, her reputation crosses international boundaries that started with her sales of “how to” lectures on videos distributed since 1986 through Tumble bear Connection, her distribution arm. Even as she tours the country as a motivational speaker to the 5,000 gym industry, this pioneer – one of 12 business advisors for USA Gymnastics, the organization that selects Olympians – is perhaps best known for launching an operational manual coveted by gym professionals globally.  Inspired by a book by written by Michael Gerber entitled “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to do About It,” Patti wrote a 285-page Operations Manual over a two-year period covering 72 different jobs. Nearly 600 of these manuals have been distributed and have helped influence the business success of gyms. “By identifying the responsibilities of each key job, this liberated managers to focus on really the important things – innovation and the future,” Patti said.

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