Global R&D Team Launches Third Generation Steels!

yyyyyyyyyyyyIn hot pursuit of solutions for car manufacturers for lighter and stronger steels at a time of intense competition, the ArcelorMittal Global Research and DevelopmentCenter in East Chicago worked with two USA plants to launch a new “family” of third generation advanced high strength steels that are up to 50% stronger. “When the car manufacturers learned about this new steel, they said, ‘when can we get it,” said David Price, Group Manager. A metallurgical team worked with production crews at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor and the Cleveland plants to produce these new grades, resulting in the cross-functional team winning the top Global ArcelorMittal Performance Excellence Award. Amazingly, teams innovated both in the lab and on the production floor to produce never before made steels in the USA as part of the new rollout. “The greatest challenge,” said Olga Girina, a metallurgist, “was to find a way to increase strength without sacrificing formability.” This happened because of a combination of breakthrough chemistry along with new techniques at the plants involving over 100 people. Developed over four months in 2014, this multi-disciplinary approach also reduced production cycle times. The unique steels are being produced with a significant investment at AM/NS Calvert plant in Alabama, and eventually in Europe. Hi-Fives to the R&D team above: Olga Girina (left), Pavan Venkatasurya, Damon Panahi, and David Price.

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