Grant Writing for Nonprofits

For nonprofit organizations, obtaining adequate funding can often be a struggle. Sometimes fundraisers and donations just don’t provide everything that the organization needs to carry out its mission in the community. This is why effective grant application writing is so important. Grants typically offer larger sums of money than fundraisers and donations can and are, at times, renewable. This means writing an application that impresses the funding organization can help your nonprofit to receive vital funds for years to come. Check out the following tips for writing grant applications to give your organization the best shot at receiving more funding.


Do Research

It is important to study up on the organization distributing the grant for which you are applying. This will help you to write an application that is specifically tailored to the funder. Additionally, many grants have very specific application requirements. Doing your research first can save time later by helping to ensure that you only apply for grants for which your organization is qualified.


Define a Category

There are typically two categories that corporate giving programs fall into: operational general purpose support grants and program development. When applying, you should have an understanding of which category best suits your organizational needs so that you apply for the appropriate grants.


Use Outside Resources

Be sure to do some research on the process of grant writing before getting started. You want to submit the best application possible.


Don’t Get Discouraged

You may not receive the first grant that you apply for, but that’s ok. Keep writing and editing. Grant writing is a process and, the more you do it, the better you will get.


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Grant Writing for Nonprofits

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