Green Entrepreneur Brings Distribution of Solar Fans back Home!

jWhen Green Entrepreneur Bill Keith launched his solar power attic fan business in 2000, he didn’t expect that 17 years later, he would have sold $20 million dollars of fans now available in four models. He operated his family business called Sunrise Solar Fans out of his 100-year old renovated barn/office next to his home in St. John. For the past 16 years, he distributed his products from Warsaw. But now he has a new 12,000 sq. ft. building to assemble and distribute his products a little over a mile from his home.  Named a Fellow in The Society in 2007, he was inducted for launching this innovation resulting from his job as a roofer working with his brother. He recalled that because he was smaller than his brother he was the one who inevitably would enter a small hole cut in the roof and then install electric fans to cool the attics. That led him to look for better products using solar power. As he investigated fans on the market, he found their designs lacking. He finally used the equity in his home to raise the necessary capital of about $250,000 to launch his new design.  He got a big break when Honolulu International Airport installed his solar fans to cool the airport terminals. Today, he is likely Indiana’s only entrepreneur manufacturing and selling solar powered attic fans globally.  Click on

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