How ‘Edible Hike’ led to Adventure in Timebank Experience

kathy-sipple-head-shot-282x300Last summer, Kathy Sipple, was approached by the Dunes Learning Center and asked to donate a “wild edible hike” in a fundraising effort. Kathy agreed, and during mid-April, she fulfilled that duty somewhere in the outlying areas of Michigan City by taking Julia and her grandchildren morel mushroom hunting. Julia had made a contribution in return for the hike. Now in return for Kathy’s donated hike with Julia, the Dunes Learning Center allowed Kathy to host a CoThrive Timebank member meeting at their lodge. Unlike bartering, which places a cash value on goods and services (and is taxed accordingly), timebank services are considered charitable acts informally traded among members of a group.  Kathy was inducted into The Society for launching Northwest Indiana’s first timebank. A serial innovator who founded My Social Media Coach and 219 GreenConnect (an award-winning podcast about green living in Northwest Indiana), Kathy has enrolled over 85 people in the CoThrive Timebank. Each member pays a nominal fee of $25 that includes volunteer insurance. References are also required. Kathy uses software to track hours that members exchange. For example, one member allows her cabin in the woods to be used by members, and in return she gets services that they or other members provide. “This makes NWI a richer community where people are connected by sharing their gifts.” For details, contact Kathy at

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