Human Trafficking Advocate Weaves Rugs to Raise Awareness

uAn advocate of hope and renewal to help victims of human trafficking, Society Member Lynne Jordan of Valparaiso takes shreds of clothing and weaves them into rugs. This nurse and founder of Living Hopes Ministry Today and now “STRIPES” differentiates herself by weaving and selling these rugs as a sort of “symbol and sword” to help children and girls trapped as victims. Her mission as she weaves in her basement on one of her 8 looms made by her husband is to raise awareness of unspeakable crimes that are committed globally. Why seek out discarded clothing? “Through creativity, stained and damaged clothing that basically had no value is restored to something of beauty,” Lynne said.  Launched two years ago after becoming a deep learner of this crime, Lynne chose the name based upon a verse from the Bible that stated…”by his stripes healed.”  Like other innovators who repurpose ideas for the greater good, she said, “I chose a name that matters to repurpose the pain these victims feel into something beautiful.” So she started selling these rugs – now pushing 400 – and channeling money to organizations to help victims. As a Society Member, she now feels a responsibility to “steward” her cause further.  Like a rug re-invented from cast-off clothes, survivors can re-invent themselves and bring renewed value to their lives, said nominator Deanna Ehrhardt.

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