Indiana Ivy Tech President Speaks with Campers about Welding

The Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajig Summer Camp at Ivy Tech Community College’s Gary campus which took place last month consisted of campers between the ages of 12 and 16 with a specific interest in manufacturing processes. The students were on their way to the “Real World Welding” portion of the camp when they were met by a surprise guest.


Dr. Sue Ellspermann, the new statewide president of Ivy Tech Community College and former lieutenant governor, approached the students and began to discuss welding. She also revealed that, long before her time in politics, she was a welder.


Dr. Ellspermann told the campers of how her father, a welder by trade, taught her to weld when she was young and she later became certified. The students then gathered around Dr. Ellspermann and Dr. Marlon Mitchell, president of the Ivy Tech Gary campus for photos before continuing on with the programs for the day.


In addition to welding, the campers learned to cut various materials such as wood, copper-like metal and granite. They also learned about bending, finishing, sanding and stamping.


The NBT Summer Camp at Ivy Tech was partially funded by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association and was directed by the Ivy Tech Gerald I. Lamkin I & E Center with
The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana.


For more information on what The Society does for Northwest Indiana, visit



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