Innovator’s Toolbox: Social Media for Business

If you own a business, social media is no longer an optional part of your marketing plan. One third of Millennials, the largest generation in US history and the generation which will soon have the most purchasing power, prefer to communicate with businesses via social media, as opposed to through email or telephone. If this isn’t reason enough to ensure that your business has an active social media presence, check out the following four reasons why most businesses have turned to social networking:

Increased Brand Awareness

With so many potential clients and customers spending time on social media, it is vital for a business to do the same if they are to increase awareness surrounding their brand. Additionally, social media is where much of Millennials and Gen Z are turning before making purchasing decisions. A brand must be present on social to get in front of these groups.

Creating a variety of social platforms is also a great way to promote brand consistency. If your logos look the same everywhere your audience turns (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), your brand will be more memorable.

Finally, social media is free! This means that your business can reach millions of potential customers without having to shell out any cash. This definitely sounds like a win.

Improved Customer Service

Being present on social media enables a business to communicate with customers in real-time. Many people turn to social media with questions or comments about products and services. Having a social account makes this much easier and will position your business as one that is accessible to customers.

Even if you are unable to respond to customers on social 24/7, this is a great way to spread information regarding other ways of contacting your business, such as by phone or email. Regardless of how you choose to use it, social media facilitates communication between customers and businesses, which opens the doors for improved customer services.

Way to Acquire Leads

Social media provides a way for you to find out what your potential customers are looking for, and to give it to them. By engaging in social listening, you can see what your target audience is talking about or looking for. Then you can create and publish content that meets these needs. Those who are serious about your industry, product, or service will follow your page for more information. Once they are looking to make a purchase, the familiarity that they feel with your business will make you their first stop.

Increased Web Traffic and Search Ranking

Social media provides endless opportunities for getting your business URL to the public. Not only can you include it in your business bio section on your profile, but you can insert the URL into daily social media posts. If the post appeals to your followers and they want to learn more, they can click on the link and be brought right to your website, increasing visits and potential purchases.

This increase in clicks and site visits can also help your business to show up higher in Google searches. Sites with the most visits and clicks are viewed by Google to be the most reputable, thus they are placed higher in the search results for relevant key terms.

All of these benefits are great reasons for getting your business present on social media. However, if you need help creating or managing your profiles, local digital marketing firms like SMDG, LLC can be a great resource. For more tips from the Innovator’s Toolbox, visit

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