Innovators’ Toolbox: Tips for Creating a Culture of Innovation

FecInnovation isn’t just a flash in the pan. It is something that can happen every day in every workplace when those in charge are committed to fostering a culture that allows it.

Headquartered in Michigan City, Dwyer Instruments was founded in 1931 as a privately held company and has evolved as a global leader in more than 120 countries with an astounding 650 patents. Dwyer is a leader in the instrumentation business and this past year, for which Dwyer was inducted into The Society of Innovators, it introduced a “revolutionary” SMART Air Hood Balancing Instrument for adjusting a building’s HVAC system.


Mark Fischer, president of Dwyer Instruments, attributes the hard work of his employees to the success of the business. But how does one promote such an environment? Mark has three tips:


1. “It is easier to innovate when you know the pain points.” Innovation can often be found in the solutions to problems. Look for something that could be improved and try to find a way to make the improvement.
2. “Turn the keys over to the employees.” In other words, trust the people you have in place at your organization. When employees feel valuable to the organization, they will be more free to innovate for the organization.
3. “Disarm your ego.” Approachable leaders in an organization help employees to feel comfortable expressing innovative ideas.


Mark gave his presentation regarding creating a culture of innovation when NWISOI visited Dwyer Instruments as part of Project Transformation.


Project Transformation happens once a year and involves a site visit with an innovative, forward-thinking company. While there, representatives from the Society typically receive a tour of the facility and a presentation regarding innovation within the organization.


Any company can utilize Mark’s tips to begin fostering innovation. To learn more from the Innovators’ Toolbox, visit

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