IV Diagnostics’s Quest for Solutions to Metastatic Cancers

IV Diagnostics

A Northwest Indiana biomedical company is leading the way in developing breakthrough innovative solutions to diagnose metastatic cancers faster, better and less costly to save patient lives.  Based at the Purdue Technology Center, IVDiagnostics Inc., provides oncologists and pathologists with better tools for measuring and monitoring circulating tumor cells (CTCs) starting with breast cancer, said Frank Szczepanski, president, CEO, and co-founder. He and his brother Tom Szczepanski, marketing director and also co-founder, helped launch the company in 2008. Members of the team also include scientists Chris Clemens and Ramona Vladea, Ph.D. (far right), and also Joe Firca, Ph.D., COO. New IVDx products include Velox, a “world class” cancer assay test which significantly reduces the time to complete a conventional blood sample test. Magno-Praxix is a new treatment to eradicate blood-born cancer cells. Another is Admonitrix, which uses an innovative platform that permits monitoring of CTCs “in vivo,” or within the body. IV Diagnostics has been building on this breakthrough technology when it first introduced the IVDxTx platform that monitored CTCs within the body. Indeed, this “revolutionary” therapy got IVDiagnostics the Chanute Prize in 2011. Today, the company has developed new and improved technologies for tracking CTCs both within the body and through conventional blood samples. “We want our young people to know that important research is being done here as part of a larger biomedical community. We encourage them to become part of this exciting frontier,” he said.

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