Joshua DeBoer, launched Tech Team 911 with “retired” White Sox Ambulance, Member

Joshua DeBoerIn the busy field of computer repair services, Joshua DeBoer launched an emergency repair business called Tech Team 911 between graduation from high school and starting college at age 15.   Now 17, Joshua differentiated his business model by receiving permission from his parents Scott and Lisa DeBoer to purchase a “retired” White Sox Ambulance which he and former mentor Derek Vaupel stock with computer parts.  Homeschooled since kindergarten, Joshua is taking accelerated classes at Westwood College in Calumet City where he received a $90,000 plus scholarship to study network technologies with a minor in network security. At age 7, Joshua became fascinated with computers spending up to 12 hours a day playing games. His parents were so concerned they set up a security system to limit access. However, he routinely disabled these “nanny” programs. In fact, he became so knowledgeable about one of the programs that the CEO offered him a future job when he turned 18. “When I look at code on the computer,” the master programmer said, “I don’t see lines, I see actions.” Joshua launched his first computer repair business at age 10 providing media clips for presentations by his parents who speak all over the world to practitioners on emergency pediatrics.  “Joshua is normal in every subject, but gifted in computers,” Scott said, who is an emergency flight nurse, author and lecturer.

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