JT Shrimp LLC Emphasizes Sustainable Agriculture in Wheatfield

20160918_081023 (002)Like any farmer, Scott Tysen is up at 5 if he is lucky, and depending upon the day, sometimes a lot earlier. Still, he and his wife Leslie are doing something different! They’re raising live salt water shrimp on the family farm. Scott describes it as sustainable agriculture that is healthy for the consumer.  They founded JT Shrimp LLC in Wheatfield about four years ago. JT Shrimp gets its name from their daughter Jillian, who helps at Farmer’s Markets on weekends. They raise their shrimp inside a 4500 sq. foot barn. This shrimp farm is likely the only one in Northwest Indiana and one of a handful in Indiana. The Tysens have a zero exchange heterotrophic system designed to raise the “freshest saltwater shrimp in the area,” Scott says. To supplement farming, both Scott and Leslie work other jobs. “When consumers tell me that ours is the best shrimp they’ve eaten, that makes all this worthwhile.” It’s no accident that the shrimp is clean and sweet. The Tysen’s shrimp is raised inside in nine large tanks, with each tank holding about 4,000 shrimp. No hormones, chemicals or antibiotics are added, making their shrimp healthier. This makes the water as close as possible to a shrimp’s natural habitat, minus the pollutants. As they have perfected their product, their goal is to sell their shrimp to area restaurants. Call 219 987-3809 for details about sales and tours.

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