Leon Wolek Jr. to Launch ‘Blockbuster” Triathlon on Sunday, June 5th

Leon Wolek Jr.Inspired by a Super Bowl TV commercial about Jeep “Supporting Our Troops since 1941,” Leon Wolek Jr. is launching a 2016 blockbuster triathlon on June 5th to honor both the 75th anniversaries of Jeep and United Service Organizations (USO). USO became famous for hosting Bob Hope shows on far flung military outposts during World War II.  In what may be the only triathlon given permission to celebrate both iconic brands at one event, Leon’s World’s Fastest Triathlon may be making history on the first Sunday of June among an estimated 500 elite athletes in swimming, biking and running. His triathlon will also feature an “Experimental Wave” of veterans and civilians using a water float device called “My Float” co-invented by Olympian and Coach Sharon Donnelly. She will fly from Canada to participate in the pre-event on Saturday.  Earlier that day, Leon will host an Injured Military Veteran’s Clinic sponsored by the Dare2Tri organization to help veterans who have lost a limb or their sight. The floating device is designed to make users “feel more comfortable in the water,” Leon said. “We are honored to host this event, celebrating the brands of Jeep and USO, and introducing a new device to help veterans at the first triathlon in the United States.” Grieger’s Dealership in Valparaiso will provide logistical support at this event. During 2015, Leon hosted the first U .S. Armed Forces National Championship Triathlon held off a military base.

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