MAAC – State-of-the-Art Training Facility – to host Innovators Café!

IMG_3516Nate Williams, Deputy Chief, Chesterton Fire Department, wrote an editorial that highlighted a unique state-of-the-art centralized training facility in Valparaiso called MAAC. That stands for the Multi Agency Academic Cooperation (MAAC) Foundation dedicated in 2017. Aimed at taking training to a new level, Chief Williams emphasized that “doing this type of work, one must go into a burning building when everyone else is running out.”  He added that skill demands and expectations have changed, causing significant recruitment and retention challenges for firefighters. In making a nomination to The Society, he said that MAAC is rising to meet these challenges in ways that are unique in Indiana. For one thing, this centralized training center is not just for firefighters, but is dedicated to enhancing the skills of emergency preparedness personnel. Secondly, it is the first public/private partnership of its type in Indiana. For a five county area, MAAC is serving firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel. MAAC was launched with a gift from the McMillan Family Foundation. MAAC partners with the IDHS District 1 Training Council. “We are proud to announce that MAAC will host the 24th Innovators Café of The Society of Innovators on Thursday, June 28th,” announced Celina Weatherwax, President, McMillan Family Foundation.

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