Mayor Stahura of Whiting Brings First Floating Waterpark to Lake Michigan

htyMayor Stahura has been working for years to build up the Little City by the Lake to be a destination for tourists and region-ites alike. We have discussed the Mascot Hall of Fame, which is to open in Whiting within the year, but another story has stolen the spotlight this summer.

The WhoaZone floating water park opened at Whiting’s Whihala Beach just weeks ago and has received regional and national media attention as being the first floating waterpark on lake Michigan.

The WhoaZone is just the latest in a slew of upgrades and improvements that the mayor and city have made to Whiting’s lakefront which have all worked to increase tourism in the area.

The opening of WhoaZone came barely a month before Whiting’s true claim to fame: Pierogi Fest. This year’s fest, which celebrates and pokes a little good-natured fun at the city’s Polish and Slovak heritage, is to take place July 28-30 on 119th Street in the downtown area.

Pierogi Fest gained national attention in recent years for its quirky charm brought on by the Buscia Boys, who push lawnmowers down the street during the kick-off parade, the polka dance events, and much more. Last year saw nearly 300,000 visitors to the city of about 4,000 during the fest.

In addition to these unique and innovative tourist attractions, Mayor Stahura and the Whiting-Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce also make sure to have opportunities and smaller events several nights a week during the summer for residents to enjoy. The combination of tourist attractions and events for locals is making Whiting one of the region’s fastest-growing areas.

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