Member’s Radio Show brings news of NWI Sustainability across the Country

ioiRobert Colangelo is the founder of Green Sense Farms in Portage, an innovation in agriculture that has the potential to revolutionize the industry. However, farming isn’t the only thing keeping him busy.

Robert, a Member of the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana, developed the concept of vertical farming. This new strategy not only allows farmers to plant more crops with less land, but also helps to preserve the soil and reduce overworking it. Additionally, produce grown at Green Sense Farms is free of all pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs and can be grown all year round. This gives farmers more options and helps to provide healthier vegetables for consumers.

As the concept of this green farming initiative is spreading, Robert is doing even more work to promote sustainability in the agricultural industry and abroad. He is doing this through his nationally syndicated broadcast: Green Sense Radio.

Green Sense Radio is hosted by Robert, himself, and is broadcast live from Green Sense Farms. Robert features entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, and policy makers who are all working for sustainability and green alternatives.

The show is broadcast locally on Lake Shore Public Radio every Wednesday, as well as on Chicago’s WBBM Radio on Saturdays. Listeners can also tune in to Green Sense Radio from 29 other cities across the US. If you miss a show, they can all be downloaded off iTunes.

Thanks in part to the efforts of the radio show, Green Sense Farms are beginning to sprout up all around the world! The second operating farm has opened in Shenzhen, China and a South Bend location is under construction. Other proposed locations include:

-Riverside, California

-Las Vegas, Nevada

-Lansing, Michigan

-Shelbyville, Indiana

-Honolulu, Hawaii

-London, Ontario

-Oslo, Norway

-Yuma, Arizona

For more information on what Green Sense Farms and other Member organizations are doing, visit

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