Micky Gallas, CEO & Founder, TipTeeToe Ladies Golf Shoes, 2013 – 2014 Member

Micky Gallas, broker owner of Micky Gallas Properties and CEO of TipTeeToe Ladies Golf Shoes, Long Beach, invented and commercialized the first and only wedge sole golf shoe on the market for women. The product is patented and is “USGA Conforming.” Equipped with an elevated heel, this shoe is the only legal, wearable training aid. This golf shoe improves a player’s balance, weight transfer, and “allows the player to make a strong move on the ball.”


Micky is a single mom who founded this family-owned company involving sons Jordan, Sean and Braedan. The company was launched in 2010, based upon an idea two years earlier from playing golf wearing open toe wedge “slides.” She said, “I instantly played better and I knew it was the shoes.” In the early days, all three sons were involved, which Micky describe as “the best part” of this experience. Jordan is now head of sales and with his brothers, helped introduce the shoes at the PGA Merchandise Show in Florida. Jordan came up with a new shoe with a lower heel, but one that still gives players an advantage.


This shoe was sanctioned by the United States Golf Association (USGA).  “For the past five years, we have moved from an idea, to a patent, to overseas production, and now a final product,” she said. LPGA player Victoria Elizabeth wears the shoes on tour. For details, click on www.tipteetoe.com.

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