Munster Dental Service Does ‘House Calls’ for Patients!

20170523_101916Imagine that you have a family member recovering at home from a fractured hip and now has a tooth ache. Envision your family member is suffering from Alzheimer’s or has a spinal cord injury, and is in need of dental care.  Today, there’s a dental service that provides dental care services in the home.  Like other dentists, Compton and Broomhead of Munster provides traditional services. But it also has a legacy of serving patients at home for six decades. Thanks to founder Dr. George Compton, this service started for patients in 1957. Then his son, Dr. Eric Compton saw the need to open this service to the public and introduced Dental Home Health. Dental care is now delivered to residences, assisted living and nursing homes, says Janna Allen, Director.  “Eric sees the need for providing house calls to people unable to leave their homes for many reasons,” she adds. Patients include those with ALS, spinal cord injuries, MS, paralysis, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and Autism.  Interest in the innovative service is growing even outside of Northwest Indiana. In fact, the number of patients has doubled in the last year. For example, families are grateful they do not have to take off work to escort parents to an appointment. And patients say they don’t have to worry about falling.  For information, call 219 836 -0460.

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