How Nonprofits Can Save Money on Tech

Money is tight for just about everyone these days, especially nonprofit organizations. These organizations that rely on donations from the public to keep their doors open often find themselves having to pinch pennies where ever possible. One aspect of any business or organization that can get expensive is technology. Check out the following list of ways a nonprofit can cuts its technology costs without sacrificing the quality of the services they offer.

1. Hardware and Software

The prices of both computer hardware and software from traditional stores can be very high. is a nonprofit organization that offers these products to other nonprofits at a greatly reduced cost. While there is a membership fee, the overall cost will still save you a ton of money off of the retail prices of these items.

 2. Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is necessary for keeping in contact with donors, supporters, partners, and just about everyone. However, the more emails you collect, the more the cost of this service increases. This is why the free service of VerticalResponse and the 50% off rate at GetResponse and Benchmark are just too good to pass up.

3. Phone Service

Bundling phone and internet service with one of the mainstream providers might be convenient, however it is also expensive. Cabertel works with nonprofits to customize their telephone service plans so that they only pay for what they absolutely need. This can save your organization upwards of $100 a month.

4. Google

Google for Nonprofits offers several premium features, including email, storage, surveys, webinars, and video conferencing, to nonprofits free of charge. Additionally, Google Ad Grants offers some nonprofits up to $10,000 a month in free advertising credits.

5. Web Hosting and DreamHost both offer free web hosting to nonprofits. This will allow your organization to get your website up and running without the additional cost of hosting.

6. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers many of their services, including use of the cloud, to 501(c)(3) nonprofits free of charge.

7. Digital Transaction Management

DocuSign offers a 30% discount to nonprofits. This software will allow your organization to keep track of important documents digitally and have all transactions processed backed up in the cloud.

Taking advantage of these free and discounted services can save your nonprofit thousands of dollars a year! For more tips for your nonprofit, visit

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