NWISOI strives to innovate, invent, educate and inspire ideas

The first decade of the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana launched a new era of discovery of innovators and innovation within the region that has reached the public on a regional and, in some cases, national level. Aspiring innovators were able to discover new and different ways in which they could differentiate their organizations and improve the community. The Society is the largest project of the Gerald I. Lamkin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center of Ivy Tech Community College.


The upcoming years for The Society will focus on lifting the region higher by making an impact on future innovators looking to get their ideas off the ground. They will be helped to do this through an educational model created by The Society that encourages students, staff, faculty and the community to “think differently” in a global economy. The Society will be encouraging individuals and organizations to be more collaborative and implement new and different ideas to be competitive.


The vision of The Society is to have CEO’s of local businesses inspire their employees to embrace innovative thinking with regards to processes, policies, people, procedures and products. The goal isn’t to only discover innovators – it is to launch a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to strengthen our economy and improve our quality of life.


Part of the 2016 – 2018 strategic plan for The Society is to adapt to change. The primary change currently felt by the marketing industry is the prevalence of social media. The Society understands the adjustments that need to be made in these areas to remain innovative.


To learn more about the Members, Fellows or upcoming projects of The Society, visit  www.NWISOI.org.



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