PNW Professor Introduces ‘Groundbreaking’ Interactive Certificate

mabrito-hs-002Nearly a decade ahead of his time, Mark Mabrito, Ph.D. introduced a groundbreaking Online Certificate in Writing for Interactive Media for students at Purdue University Northwest. Students learn the basics of writing and editing online content, thinking and designing interactively, and how users navigate interactive and online content in the digital world.  New this fall is the latest iteration that teaches students about games for teaching and learning. “Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions is the view that serious gaming isn’t important to business and industry,” he explained. Called “Gamification,” game use has grown tenfold in the last few years for use in training and education. As an example, he noted that game mechanics and systems are being applied to nongame environments such as a cancer ward in a Cincinnati hospital. There children are encouraged to participate as part of their treatment. Created in the spring of 2009, the certificate was launched to make students more employable for the modern workplace. Students are also motivated when he reminds them that…”99% of what I do now simply did not exist when I was in school.”  Already he is visioning incorporating the latest trend in digital media – virtual reality! “Dr. Mabrito stays at the cutting edge in providing effective and socially responsible practices to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace,” said Karen Bishop Morris, nominator.

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