Portage resident changing the future of farming

Our need for produce will never go away. However, the more that local weather patterns change, the more difficult it is to harvest the vegetables on which we are so reliant. But Northwest Indiana native Robert Colangelo has a solution.


Colangelo is the founder and CEO of Green Sense Farms, a clean, indoor farm located in Portage. His innovative farm is the largest indoor commercial vertical farm to date. There, he is able to grow lettuce, herbs and greens in a climate controlled environment free of herbicides, pesticides and GMOs. Additionally, the carefully monitored conditions allow Green Sense Farms to harvest their crops 26 times each year!


Green Sense Farms distribute all of their crops locally across the Midwest. They can most often be found in grocery stores and at restaurants. In fact, the one Green Sense Farm in Portage yields enough produce to serve 20,000,000 people.


Recently, Colangelo has been able to expand his business and open a second Green Sense Farm in China. His vision is that Green Sense Farms will be the future of farming worldwide.


Because his idea was so unique and innovative, Colangelo was named a Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana Fellow in 2015. The Society of Innovators is an organization within Ivy Tech Community College that has been recognizing Northwest Indiana residents with all types of innovations for the past 11 years.


To learn about more Society Fellows, visit www.NWISOI.org.



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