Practices of Purdue Advising Team Expanded to both Campuses!

PPN-62514-IMG_6416 copy 2 (1)Also inducted last fall, the Purdue Advising Team led by Lori Feldman, Ph.D. is now integrating the innovations that led to a 50% improvement in serving students across both campuses of Purdue University Northwest.  Advisors Samantha Horn and Anna Kent who launched the changes for the College of Business at the Calumet Campus are now working with their colleagues Craig Moore and Kathleen Johnson at the North Central Campus. Today, the total population of business students served has grown to about 2000 students. This is taking place while the historic unification is underway that will make Purdue University Northwest the fifth largest public institution in Indiana. Helping both students and advisors in this transition has been the new Center for Career Management. Previously, Purdue students were served by a single career center.  But now the College of Business is the first to have its own career center. This change is as the result of the college being certified by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Business Schools. “This will provide professional development for students, giving them help with internships and other areas throughout their college experience,” Lori said. Meanwhile, WebEX, a remote meeting platform, will be expanded, as well transfer student seminars, graduation workshops and other technological-based changes to help students graduate on time.  Advisors will still meet with students, but there’s a shift away from just registering students. “We are dedicated to finding a better way to help our students achieve their life goals,” Lori said.

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