Shifting Sands’ Tells Story of Environmental Rebirth in NWI!

ShiftingSandsArtwork_17x24_Hi_Rez-1 (002)For those who believe that everything has been invented, discovered or learned can take a lesson from Lee Botts who teamed up with a videography team to tell the story of the environmental rebirth of our region rimming Lake Michigan. Lee worked with video producers Pat Wisniewski, Rana Segal and Tom Desch to produce the groundbreaking “Shifting Sands – On the Path to Sustainability.” This film tells the 100-year saga of collision between industrial and environmental interests that evolved into a national model of collaboration and cooperation among industry, regulatory agencies, communities and environmental groups. The purpose of the film is to make people aware of what is happening today in the community given the convergence of goals and efforts of economic development interests with environmental protection interests to achieve sustainability. “Thanks to the convergence of so many efforts – from pollution control to restoration and cleanup – this region where environmental and industrial interests had so often collided is now becoming a test case for the idea of sustainability.”  Since launched on 2016 Earth Day, the film was nominated for an Emmy and has been shown on more than 300 PBS stations nationwide. Planned this fall is the distribution of curricula for schools to take the story of sustainability to students.  For details, click on

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