Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana to select 2016 award winners

Each year, the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana sorts through dozens of nominations for various awards. Currently, the panel is deciding on the winners of the Fellow Award, as well as teachers/administrators who rise to the level of Fellows. Nominated teams are considered for the Accelerating Greatness and the Chanute Prize for team Innovation awards.


The Fellow Award is given to any local innovator who has developed a never-before-seen way of thinking or doing something. This can be bestowed upon anyone from business owners to those who work at home. Society fellows have spearheaded innovations in the fields of medicine, education, culinary arts and technology to name a few.


The Accelerating Greatness Awards and the Chanute Prize go to teams of innovators that work as a group to contribute forward-thinking in the region. The teams can be made up of several individuals or several organizations, so long as they live or work in one of the seven counties in Northwest Indiana.


Finally, those working in education can be nominated for the Educator/Administrator Award for Fellow, sponsored by The Society and the Center of Workforce Innovations (CWI). This award specifically honors those who implement new ways of learning or assessing progress in Northwest Indiana schools.


Nominations for 2016 are now closed and the Society will be announcing the winners once they have been decided. Check back often to see which innovations are making the biggest impact on Northwest Indiana this year. Also, visit for more information on each of the awards and previous winners.




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