Teacher Inspires Tech Savvy Among Students & Faculty!

oAdam Woolever practices a discipline in the classroom that he learned when he was climbing 400 foot communications towers to install electronics equipment. For five years before he entered teaching, he custom-built computers, installed wired and wireless networks and performed web service maintenance while working for a technology company in Rensselaer. While always wearing a safety harness, he climbed upwards of 75 different towers. But what he carried away from this experience is the importance of constantly moving upward to benefit students. Just recently he spoke on new technology at a Portage Township symposium. In fact, he’s a sort of the “go-to” guy that both teachers and students go to about technology and no wonder, he was a kind of “Indiana Jones” on the communications towers climbing ever upward.  This marks his 8th year in teaching 5th grade at Paul Saylor Elementary School in South Haven and last year, he was nominated by Principal John Zack and inducted into the Society of Innovators. His nomination reflected a willingness to share skills of daring do about new technology not only with students, but fellow teachers. While he wasn’t asked if he was afraid of snakes, this Indiana Jones persona is definitely committed to being a guide by the side to help students grow in knowledge about technology.

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