The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana is Going Social

For the past 10 years, The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana has been a fairly traditional organization. However, the organization is now beginning to embody its mission by progressing in its processes.


Recently, The Society has teamed up with SMDG, LLC, a social media marketing and web design agency based in Gary, IN. Through this partnership, the two organizations will work to open up many more contemporary avenues through which The Society can accomplish its mission.


That mission is to ensure that the rest of the state, country and world view Northwest Indiana as a region that discovers, encourages, celebrates and honors creativity and innovation. By placing more emphasis on digital communication, The Society will be able to promote this message to all corners of the world.


The use of social media marketing will prove to be particularly useful for The Society. This will help the organization to better reach a whole new generation of innovators and also to tap into a brand new genre of innovations.


The Society is moving forward so that Northwest Indiana can move forward. Those who are making strides in the digital and social realms can receive more notoriety from The Society now that the organization is present in that sphere. This can help these innovators to boost their businesses or create awareness surrounding their ideas, benefitting everyone in Northwest Indiana.


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