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Octave Chanute led a series of glider experiments on the Indiana Dunes in 1896 that helped get the Wright Brothers off the ground at Kitty Hawk. These experiments produced the biplane glider that became a starting point for the Wright Brothers.

The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana honored Chanute’s achievements by establishing the Chanute Prize for Team Innovation in 2006. The Prize is dedicated to promoting 21st century innovation in the public, private and non-for-profit sectors. The Prize was created by Michelle Golden to honor the path-breaking glider flights of Chanute and his team in 1896. The Chanute Prize is sponsored by Krieg DeVault Law Firm.



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We honor these recipients of the Chanute Prize:

Team 2007- 2008

Sisters of Saint Francis Health Services,

Northern Indiana Region, Lean Six Sigma

Team Hammond Robotics,

Bemcor Divison of Beatty International, Hammond

Team 2008 – 2009

Team Community Healthcare System,

Breast Care: Same Day Results

Team 2009 – 2010

Team AHSS Hydroformed Structures Project –

ArcelorMittal Global R&D

Fair Oaks Farms

Team 2010 – 2011

Team Dage-MTI, Michigan City

Team 2011 – 2012

Team IVDiagnostics

Team 2012 – 2013

Team “S – in – motion”- ArcelorMittal

Global R&D Center, East Chicago

Team “CIVS” – Purdue University Calumet