Thinking differently sparks innovation

The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana describes ‘thinking differently’ as the first step on the road to innovation. Thinking differently allows innovators to see things in a new light, paving the way for new ideas, processes and products.


Once one has gotten into the habit of thinking differently, one can see problems or inconveniences that may need creative solutions. This provides the need for innovation. Next, new ideas and discoveries can be made by departing from the way that things are typically done. Putting together ideas that, at first, seem incompatible is how many great innovations have been born.



Finally, a solution can be found. The problem, which was identified through different thinking, is solved through thinking differently as well. This solution is our innovation.


The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana has been honoring those who think differently for several years. Their innovations have revolutionized the worlds of education, medicine, culinary arts and more. These innovators have also brought great pride and publicity to the Northwest Indiana region. It is the hope of those with the Society that the rest of the country and world will soon recognize the greatness in innovation that is coming out of NWI.


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